Oh So Chella – Coachella Shopping Guide Under $100

Oh So Chella – Coachella Shopping Guide Under $100

Although I have not par-taken in Coachella festivities, I cannot help but obsess over the super-cool, boho inspired desert music festival every year.

As our insta-feeds are swarmed with amazing images of all things hair, music, beauty and fashion, I find myself overly inspired and yearning to incorporate a little bit of “Chella” into my life.  Therefore, I have put together a quick little Coachella-vibe shopping guide all under $100!

First, I want to go over the two necessary “S” items not pictured, but are oh-so important: Sunscreen and Sunnies.  Public service announcement: DO NOT FORGET THESE!  For facial sunscreen, we love this Coola Face Sport SPF 50 White Tea Sunscreen; for body, try Coola Sport Continuous Spray SPG 50.  Both will help block out those harmful rays and also smell amazing! Win Win.

When picking out your sunnies, go for the retro looks such as a cat-eye or wayfarer.  Two of our fave’s can be found here and here .

When it comes to your hair game, anything goes at Coachella.  If you’re looking to keep your hair tied away, try some boho pigtail braids, tutorial here by Kassinka.  If going for a boho-beachy look, try simple beach waves, tutorial here by Lindsay Marcella.  These are just two of our favorites but the options are endless!

Now for the pictured goodies.  Shop the blog image below to incorporate some “Chella” into your life!





Rocker Tank

Denim Cut offs



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